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Branded Powerpoint Templates 1Branded Powerpoint Templates 2Branded Powerpoint Templates 3Branded Powerpoint Templates 4Branded Powerpoint Templates 5Free Brand Presentation Template 6Free Brand Presentation Template 7Free Brand Presentation Template 8Free Brand Presentation Template 9Free Brand Presentation Template 10Free Brand Presentation Template 11Free Brand Presentation Template 12Branding Deck Template 13Branding Deck Template 14Branding Deck Template 15Branding Deck Template 16Branding Deck Template 17Branding Deck Template 18Branding Presentation Template 19Branding Presentation Template 20Branding Presentation Thank You Template 21

Creating a brand identity is as important as marketing your product. The brand name and logo represent the face of a business. Once you have defined it, it is ideal to be consistent. So how do you plan to announce your brand? Which platform will you use? SlideKit introduces a stylish deck of free brand presentation template if you plan it via a slideshow.

Our brand marketing presentation templates for powerpoint and google slides make the best choice for a designer who is up to present the logo to a reputed client or a company that wishes to launch its brand logo.This minimalistic branding presentation template has a unique design with yellow color as prominent. The subtle design of grey and yellow elements on a solid white background helps you express your brand story, history, research, positioning, and personality.

Apart from high-quality photographs, this free brand presentation template for powerpoint and google slides has infographics to present the logo design and brand icon variations. Slides for illustrating typography, a world map for marking marketing areas, and a color palette for denoting your logo shades are a plus of these free brand presentation templates for google slides.

Even though this branded powerpoint templates is fully packed, there is always room for your contributions; all the templates are 100% customizable with easy editing features. So whether you are a startup or a big corporate, these google slides theme is perfect for your brand presentation regardless of the business size.Download this free brand presentation template and start presenting smart!

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