Watercolour Powerpoint Template

Watercolor Slide Template
Watercolor Slide Template 2
Watercolor Slide Template 3
Watercolor Slide Template 4
Watercolor Slide Template 5
Watercolor Slide Template 6
Watercolor Slide Template 7
Watercolor Slide Template 8
Watercolor Slide Template 9
Watercolor Slide Template 10
Watercolor Slide Template 11
Watercolor Slide Template 12
Watercolor Slide Template 13
Watercolor Slide Template 14
Watercolor Slide Template 15
Watercolor Slide Template 16
Watercolor Slide Template 17
Watercolor Slide Template 18
Watercolor Slide Template 19
Watercolor Slide Template 20
Watercolor Slide Thank You Template 21
Watercolor Slide TemplateWatercolor Slide Template 2Watercolor Slide Template 3Watercolor Slide Template 4Watercolor Slide Template 5Watercolor Slide Template 6Watercolor Slide Template 7Watercolor Slide Template 8Watercolor Slide Template 9Watercolor Slide Template 10Watercolor Slide Template 11Watercolor Slide Template 12Watercolor Slide Template 13Watercolor Slide Template 14Watercolor Slide Template 15Watercolor Slide Template 16Watercolor Slide Template 17Watercolor Slide Template 18Watercolor Slide Template 19Watercolor Slide Template 20Watercolor Slide Thank You Template 21

Watercolour Powerpoint Template is a company profile slide deck that contains 21 innovative designs for business PowerPoint presentations. These modern graphical illustrations are fit for any presentation that needs to engage the audience in your concepts. You need the best aesthetic slides for a ppt presentation to get the audience’s attention and participation. So, our designers have made it for luring viewers with these flat vector designs. Watercolor slides ensure maximum audience attention to any discourse, and it also allows you to customize features with 100% adjustments.    

The Watercolor Slide Template features a captivating liquid spread background adorned with delicate foliage illustrations. This artistic touch not only enhances business presentations but also captivates audiences, especially when incorporating educational concepts. Its versatility extends beyond business settings, making it suitable for various occasions. For instance, the cover slide serves as an inviting welcome message, a gracious thank-you presentation, or an impactful title display. With its fluid design and adaptable nature, this template effortlessly merges functionality with aesthetics, ensuring engagement and impact across diverse settings and topics. 

The Watercolor Presentation Template will adapt to almost all topics and it supports especially to showcase artistic portfolios, marketing campaigns, business introductions, business proposals, and classroom presentations.

Let’s have a look at the 21 slides and its themes for general purposes:  
  • Cover slide featuring a watercolor background with a spectrum of violet, pink and blue mix 
  • Table of contents features 6 step boxes for content insertion 
  • Introduction slides with elaborate text areas and a watercolor fusion as an image placeholder 
  • Mission and vision template with infographic clipart of dartboard and an eye 
  • History timeline for 7-stage presentation  
  • Product demo slide with bullet point text zones 
  • Our statistics feature a bar chart with four text areas 
  • Our process with a circular process template  
  • Innovation slide with four-step infographic 
  • Our team slide 
  • Our location features a world map  
  • Testimonial slide with three quotation boxes and image placeholders 
  • Our service  
  • A brief story template to summarize the entire topic 
  • Award slide 
  • A table slide for areas we cover 
  • Break slide 
  • Comparison chart PowerPoint showcasing key accomplishments 
  • Visit our website featuring a computer monitor 
  • Thank you ppt
  •  Featured image

All these watercolor powerpoint background templates are perfectly created for company profile PowerPoint presentations. So, use it to attract investors by giving a complete story about your company.  Download it now! 







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