Creative Circular Economy Presentation Template

Circular Economy Slide 1
Circular Economy Presentation 1
Circular Economy Slide 1Circular Economy Presentation 1

The Circular Economy PPT is a concept model for the circular economy. The slide shows a loop of concentric circles with arrow-headed line layers. The recycling presentation template has added the coils in a rotation with infographic vector icons. It displays four steps in an amazing color feels with square text placeholders. Circular Economy Slide helps explain the concept through easy-to-understand visuals. For example, the four arrow ppt in a group shows the ideas of extracting raw materials, parts supply, manufacturing, and distributions. At the same time, a detached arrow from these groups symbolizes the starting stage (or inputs) of the circular economy. The text areas in the square design also display four major concepts of the circular economy, i.e., recycling, parts harvesting, refurbish, and service. Download circular economy slide for making a presentation on sustainable topics.

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