North Star Slide Template

North Star Metric Slide
Dark Theme North Star Metric Slide
North Star Metric SlideDark Theme North Star Metric Slide

North Star Slide Template offers your business metric slideshow with an upward line graph. North metric is a business indicator that focuses on an organization’s growth. It is a key performance metric that aligns all efforts towards a central goal, representing the fundamental value a company delivers to its customers. So, you can show the key performance indicators by using the North Star Metric Slide. 

This data-driven chart for Google Slide presentation can be used to illustrate growth strategies, track performance, and align your entire organization toward a common goal. The North Star Metric Template has four touchpoints wherein you can add your data. At the end, there is a star in yellow that represents the organizational goal. The presenters can add any data using this statistical template. Get it now! 

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