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Timeline Slide Template
Dark Theme Timeline Slide Template
Timeline Slide TemplateDark Theme Timeline Slide Template


Present your goals, targets, achievements, milestones, historical events, and business progression with this 100 % editable Spiral Timeline Template. This is an unconventional timeline in a spiral design, so it makes the different from other linear roadmap designs.

Timelines are common in PowerPoint and Google Slide presentations because you can chronologically insert your data and messages.  It ensures sequence and order in your presentations. The spiral timeline for Google Slides makes it easier to share your ideas with the viewers.  

Timeline Slide Template is a visual roadmap that clearly defines your goals, objectives, milestones, and targets.

Its curved center port and the tail-end will demonstrate how an action adds up to reach the final target.

Besides, the text placeholders on either side will give a comprehensive view with color spots that are connected by thin lines.

Each point can be succinctly placed on the text areas with precision.

This is a six-step timeline slide that comes in black and white background options to organize your project milestones or phases of business development simply.  

This 100% editable Spiral Timeline Template in Google Slide Themes allows you to chronologically insert your data and messages, ensuring coherence and clarity in your presentations.

Let this spiral timeline be the visual thread that weaves together the fabric of our journey, creating a lasting impact on your audience and emphasizing the extraordinary nature of our narrative. Download it now! 

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