6 Point Presentation Agenda Slide

Presentation Agenda Template
Agenda Slide Template
Presentation Agenda TemplateAgenda Slide Template

The infographics slide template for the presentation agenda covers a simple design structure to delineate six agendas of your meeting. It includes a great hexagon shape as a hub and a small hexagon callout design as spokes. So, it is fit for hub and spoke google slides themes within the two background formats. The black and white color backdrop slides used many tints to highlight each point precisely.

Further, the textual content sections are ornamented with infographic icons. The presenters can insert the main heading on the hexagon shape with only a partial view. This is the beauty of the agenda slide template. Get these agenda templates now!

Additionally, for even more versatile presentation templates, consider using our google slides case study template. These templates offer a professional and structured format to showcase your case studies effectively


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