Start Stop Continue Template
Dark Theme Start Stop Continue Template
Start Stop Continue Template
Dark Theme Start Stop Continue Template

Start Stop Continue Slide Template is a traffic signal design for project management presentations. This template helps project retrospective meeting discussions with a symbolic RAG (red, amber/yellow, green) color mix.

The “stop” component advocates for a prompt halt to activities and behaviours that contribute to inefficiencies and have adverse effects on team functions.

Recognizing and acknowledging when certain approaches are hindering progress is crucial for maintaining project momentum.

The stop approach ensures that resources are not wasted on counterproductive methods and redirects efforts towards more effective strategies.

In the start-stop-continue template “Continue” highlights the importance of maintaining successful

activities and behaviours that have proven beneficial but are not yet ingrained in standard practices.

This encourages teams to perpetuate positive habits, ensuring that successful approaches become integral to the project’s foundation.

Implementing a start-stop-continue template, often facilitated through Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations, can effectively create a retrospective board.

The RAG (Red, Amber/Yellow, Green) report presentation model further amplifies this communication by visually symbolizing specific actions.

Red signifies activities that require cessation, green represents initiatives to commence, and yellow denotes the continuation of successful practices after a thorough evaluation.

The traffic signal slide for start stop continue offers two background options in the black and white backdrop.

It has a bullet point list to insert your points during your project retrospective meeting.

This template is crafted for industries across the globe. So, business executives, project managers, educators, and

consultants can download start-stop-continue slides with editable features. Get it now!