Project Status Update Slides

Project Update Slide
Sample Project Status Presentation
Project Update SlideSample Project Status Presentation

Project Update Slides are project status presentation layouts to visualize the task and activities of a project. The One Pager business template provides a quick view of project deliverables in an easy-understanding design. This template carries three sections that consume all project updates within a single frame. The column in the left-hand slide represents the summary of the project with priorities. It shows high priority, medium priority, low priority, completed, in progress, and not started. On the upper side column, you can show the project name, project manager, date of completion, and project code. In this third section, you can demonstrate a Sample Project Status Presentation regarding tasks, team, description, priority, and status. Each table ppt column has color differentiation marks that help distinguish each item clearly and precisely. Use Project Update Slide now!

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