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Finance Presentation Ppt 1Finance Presentation Ppt 2Finance Presentation Ppt 3Finance Presentation Ppt 4Finance Presentation Ppt 5Finance Presentation Ppt 6Finance Presentation Ppt 7Finance Presentation Ppt 8Finance Presentation Ppt 9Finance Presentation Ppt 10Finance Powerpoint Background 11Finance Powerpoint Background 12Finance Powerpoint Background 13Finance Powerpoint Background 14Finance Powerpoint Background 15Finance Powerpoint Background 16Finance Powerpoint Background 17Finance Powerpoint Background 18Finance Powerpoint Background 19Finance Powerpoint Background 20Finance Powerpoint Background 21


The Finance Theme PowerPoint Templates offers an all-in-one pitch deck featuring finance and investment topics, along with fintech options for both business and personal finance. With 20 slides, it includes professional backgrounds and diagrams tailored for financial analysis. These diagrams aid as an ideal tool for illustrating the growth of money and supporting discussions on processes, investments, statistics, and business growth concepts. Utilizing modern art and illustrations specific to finance themes, this template enhances presentations with visually engaging elements, ensuring clarity and impact in conveying complex financial information. 

Finance Presentation PPT contains a perfect blend of finance and investment themes to discuss the latest trends in financial markets. For example, whether banks need more branches when the fintech customers are increasing rapidly? What would be the rate of employee recruitment in banks and other financial sectors for the next 10 years?  Beyond this, the finance presentation template included an educational slide for finance agencies and consultants to discuss impact investing and investment strategies. Overall, the finance pitch deck encompasses different fields of knowledge with thematic slides and concepts.  

The following themes and concepts are incorporated in this Finance PowerPoint Background: 
  • Cover slide for finance presentation features executive illustration with stacked book 
  • Corporate finance slide features skyscrapers  
  • Personal finance template in timeline sequence shows, saving, priority, restraint, investment, and knowledge with complementary infographic icons 
  • The slide discussing the future of money features a man climbing through the growth diagram. It includes gear wheels, dolor symbols, stacked coins and other finance ppt metaphors.  
  • Robo-Advisors and AI finance slide features a bitcoin in the robot hand  
  • The finance planning template features six-section circular infographics with PowerPoint metaphors  
  • Financial market slide with thematic chart and statistical symbols  
  • Cryptocurrency slide features finance images  
  • The dark slide of finance features a girl sitting on a downward arrow with a broken pinky bank and dolor. This is a unique slide to discuss the negative sides of the financial market and investment.  
  • Impact of Investing features an illustration of a girl putting dolor into the pinky bank 
  • 5-step banner slide to present investment strategies  
  • The psychology of money with an image of the brain created by arranging dolor 
  • 3-section chart to show financial instruments  
  • Sustainable finance with the thematic eco-friendly illustration 
  • Finance technology template  
  • A three-section funnel slide featuring diversified investments  
  • PowerPoint line graph showing financial growth  
  • Green finance features a self-explanatory design 
  • Conclusion slide 
  • Thank you presentation slide  

This 100 % editable slide for finance presentation allows you to add diagrams, charts, graphs, texts, and other images using PowerPoint edit options. Download it now! 

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