Customizable 5W2H Slide Templates

5W2H Presentation Templates
5W 2H Slide Templates
5W2H Presentation Templates5W 2H Slide Templates

The 5W2H template is a perfect problem-solving model because it includes two additional interrogation methods in addition to the 5Ws. The 5W2H model asks when, where, why, what, who, how, and how much to get a logical deduction. The flywheel model template has seven leaves in the fanout rotation. Each palette has colored in a mix that will attract the audience with maximum engagement.

The circular theme is a generic presentation slide so that you can add any topic to have a cyclic process too. The 5W2H diagram is perfect for cause and effect analysis by asking 5 W + 2 H questions. The editable infographics, color, size, and shape on the flywheel diagram are always open to change. Download these presentation templates now!

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