Google Slides Sales Funnel Template

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Are you a sales manager looking for a google slides sales funnel template? Then go for a ready-made infographic google slides sales funnel template to show the lead generation process. Funnel diagrams are common presentation slides that show how a visitor becomes a loyal customer of your company. Our Funnel slide template perfectly displays the conversion process in a step-by-step sequence. The colorful Sales Funnel Slides will never bore your viewers since it has high-definition and awesome funnel images on the board. In addition, it shows four and five sales processes in a mix.The first slide has four funnel sections with attractive dark blue, light blue, red, and turquoise color schemes. It is fit showing the process of attracting, engaging, converting, and selling process. Next to this black-and-white background sales funnel infographic, there is a yellow-tinted five-section funnel infographic. This slide has elaborate text placeholders to show your concepts in detail. After this, you can see a waterfall model funnel slide with text placeholders on the funnel and right-hand sides.You can see a vertical funnel in a zigzag layout very next. It is created with a dark color combination and looks attractive in this attire. A four-step diagram is next to the zigzag google funnel slide that shows the lead generation sales process in a simple look. Finally, there is a simple funnel for google slide presentations in orange, red, and violet combinations. This funnel has separate callout zones to explain your topics.Need more funnel slides to filter and present your data, then check our other funnel presentation templates.But why stop here? If you need more funnel slides to filter and present your data, be sure to check out our other funnel presentation templates. Elevate your sales presentations with our visually appealing 3D pyramid template!   

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