Retro Thank You Slide Template

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Retro Cover Slide

Retro Slides in vintage pastel color mix is a trendy slide deck for business presentations. Any slides can have a retro effect if the proper color and image mix is done with a vintage feel. This is an all-in-one template featuring an ultra-modern and unique slide color background. Users can demonstrate corporate portfolios, business profiles, and marketing content in the theme. Retro Slide is the perfect layout for magazines, advertising, and fashion industry presentations. The retro images could be ideal for effect blending if you want to present with the ’70s and ’80s themes. For example, if you use this template for a fashion industry presentation,You can add the image of 80’ or ’70s in this background, which will perfectly match this retro pastel yellow and brown blend. Retro Slide Template has custom font slides to display the presentation topic in an overall vintage theme. It includes 20 slides of brownish-yellow pastel color retro pattern backgrounds. Enriching every Retro Presentation design is a combination of photos, texts, and clipart that you can easily customize using the formatting options in Google Slide and PowerPoint.

For example, the pricing table template allows you to add infographic images on the top or bottom side with grandfather price points. Similarly, the vision and mission template, SWOT analysis diagram, project timeline, team slide, and what and all on the board enable editing images and text arrangements. Download Retro Slides Template for an amazing company profile presentation.

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