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 Restaurant Google Slide Template is a business pitch deck presentation to explore the business opportunities and investment options in the food chain sector. This company profile deck for Google Slides can be used as a perfect sales pitch, investor pitch and business model presentation for hotel business. The visuals, feature scenes of restaurant staff, skilled chefs, delectable dishes, and engaging PowerPoint images of charts, diagrams, and agendas that exquisitely complement the modern services offered by the food chain industry. You can change the default features including the photographs, so you add your own features that have special relevance to your company. The Restaurant Slides Template enables showcasing the menu appealingly by highlighting special dishes, chef’s recommendations, and more. You can impress potential investors, or partners with a professional presentation of your restaurant’s business plan. Besides, it allows you to design eye-catching slides for marketing campaigns, promotions, or events to attract more customers to your establishment.  The eatery business deck for Google Slides contains 21 slides in orange, yellow, and green combinations. Each slide represents a specific business point matching the restaurant presentation themes.

The following are the slides included in the restaurant company profile presentation pitch deck: 
  • Cover slide 
  • Agenda Template 
  • About us slide with restaurant dining hall arrangements 
  • Section opening slide with special cuisines 
  • Section break slide 
  • What we offer (slide features breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee/tea 
  • Our special menu with images and prices 
  • Our main course with name placeholders 
  • Our menu in Google Slide 
  • Product Gallery 
  • Review 
  • Our story 
  • Delicious items 
  • Meet our chefs 
  • Deal of the day 
  • Customers' favourite recipes in chart slideshow 
  • Monthly sales chart 
  • Public events with six photo place sections 
  • Contact slide 
  • Thank you 
  • Featured images 
The slides restaurant is created for restaurant owners and managers, chefs and culinary professionals, marketing and PR professionals, and investors and stakeholders to plan and present their restaurant business with clarity and professionalism. Download, edit, and use these hotel-themed slides. Get it now!    

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