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Nature Slide Template 1

The nature presentation template offers an inspiring show because the template contains a nature-themed Google Slide design. It is ideal for a green concept presentation featuring the symbiotic relationship between nature and organisms. The nature slides provide the tranquility and splendor of the great outdoors meeting the world of presentation. This template is crafted to boost environmental awareness among the common folk, students, and industries. Together, we can work towards creating a more conducive ecosystem for future generations, ensuring the continued harmony between mankind and nature.  Nature Slide Template is an educational Google Slides Theme, so it has a combination of images that focus on natural beauty and ecologically important themes. Your environmental slideshow will be at its apex with these high-definition vector arts and pictorial scenic attractions. As an educational template, it allows green business presentations, natural photography displays, flora and fauna visuals, ecology and wildlife talks, conservation project pitches, nature preservation presentations, serene outdoor imagery, and so on. Besides, the eco-friendly PowerPoint template can be used for engaging eco-conscious business pitches and sustainability reports. Besides, the template is fit for outdoor adventure and travel presentations.  This nature presentation Google Slides theme contains 20 slides with green backdrop pictures. These slides are arranged in the following order:  

  • Title slide for nature presentation with a spider web 
  • Introduction template with an image of a hanging bridge in a forest background. 
  • Natural photography with an image of a sapling  
  • Water on Earth with island image 
  • Climate change slide with photos 
  • Ecosystems  
  • Botany presentation with an image of foliage 
  • Seasonal changes  
  • Natural landscapes with an image waterfall in the forest background 
  • Hiking and outdoor adventures 
  • Biodiversity  
  • Ocean conservation  
  • Nature infographic timeline  
  • Nature infographic circle with icons 
  • Gardening and horticulture 
  • Wildlife 
  • Nature and technology 
  • Nature infographic in vertical timeline bullet point 
  • World map template 
  • Thankyou presentation slide 
The nature presentation template is 100% customizable, so you can add images, logos, and texts to present your specific needs. Grab it now! 

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