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The Marketing Plan Template Slide is an editable deck that contains 21 slides for marketing presentation. A comprehensive marketing plan helps as a detailed roadmap for the year's strategic marketing initiatives, addressing various facets to ensure organizational alignment and timely goal attainment. This document holds particular significance for corporate-level entities, necessitating its development and thorough discussion with professionals at the outset of each business year. To facilitate this process, our team has designed a marketing plan presentation template for Google Slides. It features contemporary visuals, innovative diagrams, and compelling background settings, this template enables users to effortlessly customize slides for their presentations.  Marketing Plan Template Simple never bore your audience since it has luring infographics with attractive color mixes. It allows comprehensive planning to display your marketing plan by breaking down your concepts into manageable components. The users can align marketing objectives with the broader business goals. It contains data-driven charts, roadmaps, timelines, circle designs, tables and many more designs to support your marketing plan presentation. Marketing professionals, business owners, consultants, students, and educators can use this business slide deck for various purposes.  

The marketing plan template is an all-in-one resource that contains the following slides with marketing themes and concepts: 
  • Title slide with a blue background color and white headlines  
  • The agenda template features four rectangle columns and a summary description on the left-hand side 
  • SWOT analysis template with bullet point text boxes 
  • A four-section pyramid diagram of goals divided into three parts to showcase strategic planning, tactical planning, and operation planning 
  • Business objectives presentation timeline 
  • Funnel analysis  
  • Action plan in roadmap design  
  • Five-stage project timeline  
  • BCG matrix with infographics of dogs, cash cows, question marks, and stars  
  • Word map template features spotted marks. 
  • The clustered bar chart in four color bars 
  • Circular process diagram with editable features 
  • Triangle diagram features 3c analysis  
  • 4p marketing mix 
  • Team and roles template with photo placeholders 
  • Budget allocation in table format 
  • Social media strategy  
  • Measurement and Analytics chart features a doughnut chart, bar chart and line graph in a single window 
  • Q & A slide 
  • Thankyou presentation template with contact details  
Download and customize this marketing plan slide template for your specific needs. Editable in PowerPoint and Google Slides. Get it now! 

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