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Process Slide

Process flow slide design in infinity loop picturizes continuous process development for Google Slides presentation. This cycle diagram displays two parts of the continuous cycle with arrow shape flow movements. The curved arrow movements and their connections create an infinity loop to showcase the endless process. Business continuous developments never stop at a point, but it is flowing continuously without showing the start and finish technically. So, the process flow slide is best for visualizing recurring processes by adding a stage-by-stage process within the loop.  Our infinity loop diagram is not a traditional Process Slide because it is specially created to showcase never-ending processes. In business, continuity refers to the new additions of customers and technologies to stand in the market niche. This is essential for every business to stay there. So, business continuity is a must. In this case, you need an educational template to show the key elements of the business continuity cycle using the loop diagram. Download process flow presentation loop diagram to improve the knowledge level of your team members by knowing what continuous process flow is. The process flow template allows you to add six concepts using the arrow shapes. The decolored arrow in the center is the pillar that creates continuous movement, so it remains passive. If you need to incorporate more topics, you can use this arrow or add more shapes to the loop. Download the personalize process flow slide to show the repetitive process. Get it now! 

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