Colorful Backgrounds For Google Slides

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Colorful Presentation Templates Cover Slide

The colorful google slides theme contains many color choices and schemes that help to represent a sales presentation. Each slide in the unit has colorful presentation borders and business introduction content. It is comprised of colorful slides and graphics for an aesthetic presentation. It contains several slide designs for conveying different messages the user wants to spread to the professional audience. So, we came up with multicolor presentation slides for business and related presentations. Generally, every template has some fixed color fills, but this colorful presentation is an exceptional slide created with extreme color background variations. So the template helps in presenting multiple topics, including business and education. The colorful PowerPoint templates contain 19 featured templates, including a thank-you presentation design. The opening template has yellow and white color sections. The about sales deck slide has a yellow border with shopping symbol designs. Next, the sales slide data contains a red border tint with a hand cart. There is a circle diagram template with a green color border. In addition, the sale priority donut chart contains a violet border color. You can see an arrow timeline template with a yellow wall for a monthly sales presentation. The sales statistics diagram with red border lines shows the charts for sales. The sales team template has a beautiful green border with photo placeholders. The violet border service slide is a timeline template. Near this is a pricing table design with a yellow edge. You can see a product gallery template next to the pricing table with four sections and red border lines. The three-step sales funnel template has a colorful funnel slide with green border lines. Finally, device mockups, customer feedback, and contact slides have different colorful backgrounds for business presentations. Use colorful slide templates now!   

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