How to Write an Effective Executive Summary 

Executive Summary

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for tips on how to write an executive summary. It is an essential part of presentations, documents, etc. But most people don’t give it much thought. Making an executive summary may seem hard, but the tips in this article will help you create one.  

What Is an Executive Summary?  

An executive summary is a short summary of a lengthy document, such as a business strategy or report. It tells you what the document is about in a glance, including the key problem or opportunity, goals, important results, and ideas. It’s like a fast peek that just exposes the most vital aspects.

How to Write an Executive Summary.

Writing an executive summary is compressing the main ideas of a lengthy work into a succinct and informative summary. Take these key steps to create a great executive summary format.  

  1. Start Strong:

Begin your executive summary with a powerful sentence that catches interest. For example, you could start by highlighting what makes your company special or gives it an advantage. 

 2.Share Important Stuff:

Share what stood out the most from your study. For example, share details about your rivals, customers, and money flow.  

  3.Understand Your Audience:

Remember your audience when you write the main points. It’s important to know what they specialize in, their likes, and their main problems. This lets you make a report that is made for them and gives them the most important details. 

 4.Clear and Engaging Language:

Use active voice, powerful words, and short sentences. Stay away from complicated words or abbreviations without first explaining what they mean. Avoid using unnecessary technical terms. 

 5. Avoid Clichés: 

Don’t say your business is the best unless you explain why. Try to be unique and avoid the usual cliché statements. This will help you stand out and be more memorable. 

 6.Write it Last:

Create your business plan first and then summarize it. It is better to write the executive summary at the end. Thus, you may form a segment that assesses the main things in the whole document.But what if you are given a length limit and you are facing difficulty in fulfilling it? In this sort of situation, get help from an AI summarizer. It allows you to condense the summary according to your desired limit by removing unnecessary details. 

 What long should an executive summary be? 

The recommended length for executive summaries is usually one to three pages. However, it is important to emphasize that rather than strictly sticking to a set page count, the appropriate length should be determined based on the specific content and context of the document. Ultimately, the goal of an executive summary is to avoid unnecessary explanations.  


To make and present executive summary, you need to think carefully and pay attention to details.  Use these tips to create an exciting summary. Follow these simple steps to create an interesting summary that compellingly tells your company’s story.