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Presentation Template Agriculture

The Agriculture Presentation Template is a complete Pitch deck for agri-business-related presentations. It contains a company profile infographic and slides for agriculture education.  This professionally crafted Google Slides for farming is designed to elevate your agricultural presentations and showcase the essence of the farming world with visually compelling graphics, high-definition layouts, and a touch of modernity. Above all, the creative infographic for agri-themes in watercolor drawing style ensures 100 % audience attention and interactive participation. Presentation template agriculture is our latest slide deck that can be used to present modern farming trends, agricultural research findings, sustainable practices, or business plans for your agribusiness. Besides, it is fit for farming and crop management presentations, rural development projects, and demonstrating farmers market strategies with these thematic designs. The design elements ensure a comic book-style presentation with its captivating watercolor caricatures of farmers, paddy fields, plant treatments, agriproducts transportation, and the materials used for farming. This is one of the best scenic slides in our collection that generates an ecofriendly mood for the viewers. Farmers and growers can streamline their communication with stakeholders, by showcasing their harvest plans and presenting new agricultural techniques by this agriculture slide template. researchers and educators can easily communicate their findings and insights to students, colleagues, or a wider audience. Government and NGOs can illustrate their agricultural development initiatives, policies, and programs in a visually appealing manner. Finally, this template helps agriculture business introduction for the companies engaged in agribusiness and marketing. 

The agriculture presentation template contains the following slides: 
  • Cover slide in greenish decorations 
  • Introduction slide with a tractor and agriculture landscape 
  • History of agriculture with scenic watercolor illustrations 
  • Sustainable agriculture with an illustration of tea leaf plucker 
  • Our amazing service with agriculture designs 
  • Team template with a sketch of the farmer 
  • Explore our best features with an image of beautiful terrain 
  • Our vision 
  • Our mission 
  • Our service 
  • Agricultural opportunity 
  • Types of plant grown 
  • Green eco-agriculture with a world map slide 
  • Infographic in plant design 
  • How to harvest with harvesting background sketches 
  • Growth percentage ( plant growth illustrations) 
  • Stages of planting (timeline as a plant growing) 
  • Thank you slide 
Use this editable agriculture presentation slide for your agribusiness profile presentations. Download the watercolour drawing slide now!    

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