5ps Of Marketing Ppt

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5ps of marketing slide is a marketing strategy presentation template. It is created in a circular PowerPoint shape that carries full form of 5ps. Product, Place, Price, Promotion, and People is the key concepts in the five Ps of marketing. This marketing diagram is an helpful tool for marketing strategy and plan presentation to understand the product-centric plans for your sales team.  This 5ps of marketing ppt is best for communicating the core principles of marketing. Use it to present concepts related to Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and People. With carefully crafted slides, infographics, and customizable layouts, this template transforms complex marketing strategies into visually appealing and easy-to-understand presentations. Product:   product refers to tangible or intangible goods that a company offers to its customers. Here, the goal is to design a product that features customers’ aspirations and desires.  Place: place refers to how could a customer access the products through. Such as online marketing, or traditional counter sales.  Price:  Price refers to the amount of money customers must pay to acquire the product. Promotion: Promotion encompasses the marketing activities used to communicate and promote the product to the target audience. People: The term people encompasses both customers and employees of the company. This concept focuses on employee necessary skills and training for better customer service.  This 5ps of marketing template for Google Slides and PowerPoint is ideal for marketing professionals, business owners and managers, educators and students, and consultants and analysts to provide insightful ideas about the marketing mix.  The circle design for 5ps marketing mix presentation holds key concepts and text placeholders on its surface areas. Each item can be displayed with colored circle ppt designs. For better understanding, the presenters can insert brief description of each concept. The users can choose either white or black backdrops from this 2-slide template. Download it now!   

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