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E Commerce Slide

E commerce Slide Presentation offers a business pitch deck related to online business. Our structure of business has been undergoing rapid changes since the introduction of computers and the Internet. Now people are more engaged in shopping with e-commerce portals or live commerce websites. Customers can freely access their shopping complex online and buy through digital contracts and money transfers. To discuss new trends in commerce and shopping our E commerce Google Slide Deck would be a beneficial tool for those who provide e-commerce solutions. This business presentation slide is designed to help you showcase products, business strategies, and market insights in detail.  The E commerce Slide includes business diagrams, graphs, charts, editable text boxes, and poster designs to show new trends in e-commerce business. So, business professionals, educators, e-commerce business promoters, and marketers can use this template to detail their ideas with captivating vector infographics. E-commerce titans such as Amazon and eBay offer consumers the convenience of buying a wide array of products and services online. Among the notable advantages of online shopping, one significant benefit from the customer's perspective is the ability to make direct purchases from the manufacturers themselves. This E commerce template for Google Slides contains the following themes and graphics.

These 21 slides allow you to present a set of topics related to e-commerce business:  
  • Title slide for e-business presentation 
  • Welcome slide with an image placeholder 
  • About us slide 
  • UI/UX design  
  • Stock chart showing price variations  
  • Pricing table with a debit card background 
  • Timeline for customer service 
  • Our team 
  • Team leader template as a personal profile presentation layout 
  • Our store 
  • Our features 
  • Client testimonial 
  • Dashboard 
  • Our product with price details 
  • Product category 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Our partners including the logos of delivery partners and payment partners 
  • Market validation 
  • Contact us 
  • Thank you slide 
  • Featured images  
The e-commerce presentation slide uses a yellow and white background mixed with images and modern graphical trends. You can add your logo, icons, and texts for your specific presentations. Download the e-commerce slide presentation and spread your branding and identity. Get it now!     

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