Bring your presentations to life with this Virtual Reality & Metaverse google slides theme! With 20 templates to choose from, you can create a presentation that looks and feels like it’s in virtual reality mode.

So what is meant by a metaverse? In the future, people could live in a 3D virtual world where virtual and augmented reality headsets facilitate overall communication to encourage social connection around the globe.

In this concept, the internet is assumed as a single virtual world. These networks of planets are called metaverses. Metaverse is considered as a second life where people can live virtually.
In this virtual reality & metaverse google slides theme, there are pictures of people using VR boxes and interacting within a virtual network. The black fonts on a solid white background are perfect for highlighting your content, while the neon colour based photographs, icons and infographics give your presentation a robotics theme.

Plus, this virtual Reality & Metaverse pitch deck has slides of augmented reality scene illustrations, layer diagrams, prediction charts and more. You can use these templates not only for presenting content related to the metaverse, but also they are flexible in delivering 3D, technology and other scientific virtual experience stories.

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