How to install the PowerPoint plugin

  • Download the plugin from the web. For installing the SlideKit plugin, you can download it from the link
  • After you have downloaded the file, the next process is installation. While trying to install the SlideKit plugin, warnings may pop up. You can ignore the warnings and continue with the installation as SlideKit is a trusted site.
  • Open the PowerPoint after the plugin is successfully installed on your computer.
  • Once you have opened the software, you will be able to view a SlideKit Tab at the top right end of the screen. Click it

SlideKit Ribbon

  • Now click the user icon from the SlideKit tab, after which a popup box will appear.


  • Enter the SlideKit account login details in the box, which is your Username and password


  • After entering the correct login details, press LOGIN
  • Once you have logged in the SlideKit, All the resources like Templates, Themes, Icons and Vectors get activated


  • Click the Template Tab and small box will be opened on the screen displaying all the templates you will ever need.


  • Select the template of you need and edit it the way you prefer.

For the user’s convenience, a search box is provided so that you can search the template you need from the lot. Also, you can choose the category of templates you need to view, and then select from them.

NOTE: Even after installation, the SlideKit plugin might not be visible in the PowerPoint software, in case you have kept the software opened through the installation process.

If that happens, close the PowerPoint software completely and then re-open it. The plugin will be loaded and will work perfectly.